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Focusing on results and excellence while assisting clients on a path for safer business development, the firm Zouain, Rizk, Colodetti & Law Associates attends Brazilian and foreign companies providing legal advice and handling claims.

The law practice adopts the concept of a “boutique law firm”, with creative, personal and customized assistance to its clients, always with the direct participation by a partner.

The permanent search for technical personal development is the main necessary personal skill to take part of the firm’s team.


Phone: (27) 3325-5030 / (27) 3225-5458 - Vitória/ES

(21) 3030-3684 - Rio de janeiro/RJ




Av. Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, 955 - Sala 1010 - Ed. Global Tower - CEP: 29050-335 - Enseada do Suá - Vitória/ES

Av. Almirante Júlio de Sá Bierrenbach, nº 65 - sala 324 - Bloco 02 - Cep: 22775-028 - Jacarepaguá - Rio de Janeiro/RJ

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